I’m Ariel, a young italo-brazilian artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. It’s been a few years already since I left Rio de Janeiro to study Illustration in Germany. Brazil was though it’s huge size and great diversity at some point a little too small for me, a global kid, so I had to go experience life somewhere else.
 I’ve always been very passionate about different people, cultures and languages. Probably because I myself am of mixed heritage and was brought up in a bilingual home. Growing up in one of South America’s largest and busiest cities definitely played a role in shaping my character. My roots give me a unique and privileged perception of the world I live in‒ it’s fragile beauty, peculiarities and challenges. This understanding deeply reflects my own visual language and the way I express myself. As a meticulous observer I find myself often amazed with faces, shapes, textures and colours: Once you’ve seen my work you will know what I’m talking about. 

Photography @rankinarchive